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3 Great care tips for long lasting sola wood flowers

Sola flowers are widely considered by people around the world not just for their customized aesthetic appeal but also for how long they can last. With great caution and care, these flowers can last for as long as you need them to. The petals are made from the timber of a special tree which with slight customizations, painting, and fragrance spraying could give you a special moment and sight for your event. When ordering your wooden flowers from the internet, choose your supplier carefully based on the reputation and options availed. Find out the useful tips you need for caring for your sola wood flowers today.

Crafting and handling guide

Once you feel the petals of your solar flower, you will understand why being gentle is a necessary precaution when handling it. Over time, their delicate petals could deform from mishandling or exposure to water. To keep the flower petals from getting brittle when you are painting them, add some sola softener or glycerin to the acrylic dye you are using. You should also paint lightly instead of using too much paint on your petals to make them brittle.

You should not forget to add extra transparent acrylic to the petals for proper moisturizing and offer extra protection to the petals if they are to last for long and look glossy while at it. When transit, chances are your flowers could also get squashed in a way but remodeling them is easier. To successfully remodel the petals, spray them with enough water to cause saturation before you can try to reshape them to their initial designs. For sola flowers, their durability is heavily dependent on the type of care that you give your bouquet.

Displaying guide

Unlike traditional flowers that require regular sunlight water and ventilation to bloom, sola flowers tend to remain great despite the lack of these conditions. These are faux blossoms that only need proper maintenance and handling to radiate their visual charm. Dust and other debris will settle on the petals and keep them looking great regular but gentle dusting is recommended. Their porous nature dictates minimum to zero exposure to humid rooms and direct sunlight so silica gel protection may be needed from time to time. For the perfect display, find a display case to avoid the weight of the flowers crushing other petals which is often the case when you place them on a flat surface for too long.

Storage advice

The biggest threat to the durability of sola flowers is water which could lead to mold thriving and excess sunlight which could affect its organic nature. The flowers should be dry before you consider storing them to mitigate any chances of fungi and mold from budding. You furthermore have to allow for 24 hours of drying after painting them with acrylics or spraying them with water before you can store or display them. Store them using plastic bins and ensure they are placed in a cool and dry place.

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