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4 Features To Look For In Your Next Flag Pole Before Purchase

Are you searching for a great flag pole to purchase? It is okay to showcase your patriotism in any way you can. Most American citizens have made it a habit to install the American flag on their lawn. Before you install a flag pole on your lawn, you have to determine exactly what you need to be looking for in flag poles for sale. Check out different sellers and compare brands to determine a shortlist of options to consider. Find out from the details discussed below the most important features you should be looking for when choosing flag poles today.

Telescoping Ability

Telescopic flag poles are retractable which means they can be adjusted to suit the height demands of the user. The sleeve interlocking mechanism is also top-notch which makes the poles totally reliable even in adverse weather conditions. You take lesser time to raise and lower a flag when using the telescopic flag pole design. One just has to twist the poles while unlocking the joints to allow for smooth flag exchange or removal.

Quality Topper

One of the numerous features you need to be looking for in your next flag pole is the topper that comes with the pole. For traditional poles, this had to be manually added however when you purchase flag pole kits today, you should find a quality topper that will be attached on top of the pole after it has been erected. You should know that this minor feature is easily what determines the entire appeal of the flag pole, especially when looking at it from afar.

Quality Material

Durability needs to be a priority for whatever flag pole you want to purchase. The external weather conditions might be rough for the flag pole if it is made from poor-quality material. Determine the right material from the two options that you are given including fiberglass and aluminum. Both of these two materials have their own pros and cons however with proper research and the climatic conditions of the area you come from, you should be guided towards the best option for your lawn. You will also have to determine the size of the pole that you want besides its actual height.

Ability To Customize

It is common to find homeowners with varying flag pole demands dictated by the environments where they come from and the kind of image that they want to create. There are three main colors to choose from which are light bronze, black, and silver. The other variations also come in the type of toppers that one wants to use for their flag pole since the market has a diverse number of options you can choose from. The last difference between the demands also manifests in form of the size of the flag pole and height which is based on the adjacent tall objects around your lawn and the size of the flag that you want to hoist.

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