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Are You Looking For Custom Velcro Patches?

The detachable morale patches have been used by the military organizations for decades. There is a certain pride in the badges and patches using the Velcro fastener.  There are basically two strips that are covered with a tiny loop and flexible J- hook. It is found in the military clothing or gear and is very common. The deep connection can only be felt by the person wearing the same. But the customization of the same as allowed other organizations and businesses to utilize the patches for identification displaying either name or specific information.

Amazing Features Of The Velcro Patches

The embroidered patches are produced in bulk by various trust-worthy companies and can be conveniently attached and detached from the uniform. Below are a few details of the embroidery patches:

  • High-end superior machines are used
  • Remarkable detailing goes through the making
  • Madeira thread provides high quality to the design
  • The polyester used as the backing fabric amongst others
  • High-quality fastener technology is used
  • Can be affixed in any type of clothing
  • Consists of J-hook and tiny hook
  • Low in prices when ordered in bulk
  • Is generally a one-time job
  • Provides uniqueness

The patches have gained popularity in recent times as well because the delivery is quick nowadays. There are numerous companies that promise deliveries of customized patches within 2-3 days. They are easily available on the internet.

Amazing Delivery Of The Velcro Patches

The exceptional patches are making rounds on the internet and there are various websites that offer invaluable services to the procurer. They are quite visible on social media platforms and the delivery at your doorsteps is feasible. The industry has developed rapidly and there is a huge demand in the market.

There are free quotes of custom Velcro patches available on the internet and as such one can easily get an idea of the estimates. The piece of artwork is so easy to order!

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