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Beautiful Accents for Your New Bathroom

When it is time to renovate your bathroom, or simply replace a faucet, you may be ready to try something new. In the past, it was rare to see varying colours of tapware in homes. Today, however, you can choose from a variety colours and finishes. Your bathroom can be designed to match your favourite décor. You can work with a designer or purchase your own tapware from a reputable retailer. The various colours and styles may surprise you.

Brushed Finishes

Over the years, most of us have become accustomed to shiny faucets all over the house. The traditional silver faucet that mimics a mirror is a staple in many buildings. This is not the norm for modern homes, however. Reflective finishes have been replaced with a more matte or brushed surface. These items show their own colour instead of reflecting everything around them. They add class to any sink area. Brushed metals are showing up in everything from silverware to doorknobs. Check out Phoenix Tapware to see the many beautiful options for your home.


If you still prefer the traditional reflective silver colour, it is still available. There are many other beautiful choices, however. Gold also comes in the reflective finish. Brushed nickel and chrome have a silver tone to them without being too flashy. Gold coloured items can also be brushed to tone them down a bit. Black and brown brushed pieces are a great addition, as well. These look great with natural stone flooring and darker wall colours. You can purchase towel racks and toilet paper holders to match your faucets and handles, as well.


Faucets now come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose faucets with one handle to adjust the temperature for a simple appearance. You can also choose varieties with one knob for hot water and one for cold. Faucets may be shorter in the bathroom and taller in the kitchen. There are some beautiful options that include straight or curved shapes, as well. Take the time to find the one that feels best when you put your hands under it. A great design is no fun if it is not functional. Think about daily use when you choose tapware for your bathroom. The right accessories can bring a bit of luxury to the bathroom.

It can be a lot of fun to design a new bathroom space. You may have visions of your favourite colour on the wall, fluffy towels, and a big bathtub. You can share these ideas with your contractor, so they know what to look for when ordering the tapware for your new space. They may be able to narrow down the choices a little if you already have some preferences. They have also seen a lot of bathrooms and know what looks good. Take some time to look at different tapware finishes and colours online or in the store. Many hardware stores have tapware on display for you to look at and touch. This way you can better be prepared when it is time to make the decision.

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