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Four Sleep Anxiety Bedtime Recommendations

Have you ever sat in bed with your thinking racing, been unable to turn it off, or awoken in a panic at about 3 a.m.? However, this guide is for you. Several of these indicators indicate high levels of worry. Some experts can predict that you’ll struggle to get and remain asleep, and if you do sleep, you’ll wake up frequently and feel weary in the morning. Although not ideal, these suggestions will assist. You can fix all this and more if you move quickly and start tomorrow.

However, this is about more than simply your sleep. It concerns your daily life, which ought to and may be free of anxiety.

Calm tea genuinely works.

The option to consume lavender is to drink it – ideal if you want a nighttime drink. Chamomile is another element to search for since it aids the production of soothing hormones in the body.

Pregnancy Tea can also aid individuals stressed by counterbalancing the cortisol hormone, a stress that can leave you feeling wired during the day and ruin your sleep at night. These tea are typically safe to drink during pregnancy if consumed in moderation. The Breastfeeding Tea Co. includes camomile and spearmint, so if you’re searching for an anti-anxiety tea, this is the one for you.

Meditation is not the be-all and entirety of existence.

Studies have shown that long-term meditators’ melatonin levels go by 400%. Sure, it can treble your quantity of deep sleep. But, it is not suitable for everyone. If meditation makes you feel more anxious, don’t pressure yourself to do it. Alternatively, read a book, keep a notebook, or listen to soothing music. All of these are calming and may benefit you.

Use lavender freely.

Lavender was reported to lower anxiety by 45%. Just 1% less than sleeping medications, which decreased it by 46%. While you cannot use sleeping drugs every night, you can take lavender.

Apply it on your pillowcase, diffuse it, use an essential oil roller on the pulse points, and inhale as required. It’s natural.

What if you’re allergic to it or can’t take the smell? Sweet orange oil is your second go-to: it delivers similar comfort to lavender since it activates the same relaxing neurotransmitter system.


Your phone leads to bedtime anxiety.

If you’ve ever seen your anxiousness rising at the end of a long night when you’re on your phone, this might be the reason:

The circadian rhythm by light – light causes your brain to generate cortisol, the hormone that makes you feel worried.

Light also lowers melatonin, a hormone that makes you feel sleepy and peaceful. In essence, phone light equals more worry and decreased relaxation. And you think ‘dark mode’ is enough? It is not. It merely reduces your body’s ability to make melatonin by 4% with dark mode turned on.

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