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Full Colour Printing on Marketing Pens – Printed Pens Having a Difference

Marketing pens, for several years, happen to be printed by screen and pad printing processes however in the ever-demanding realm of the promotions industry, suppliers have worked to produce better services and products at lower costs to fulfil the requirements of shoppers. Marketing pens are largely considered as the most affordable method of promoting your company, as ‘everybody requires a pen’. Full colour printing is rapidly turning out to be the ‘must-have’ on marketing products but is a challenging task on marketing pens because of its round shape. With advances in technology and groundbreaking bespoke processes this concern has become a lesser problem than in the past.

Screen-printing on marketing pens requires separate screens for every colour design which is time-consuming and costly when confronted with multiple prints and also the mixing of inks. Full colour printing using transfers simply requires one setup and colour matching is taken proper care of through the process itself. Intricate artwork while using screen-printing process, however, can be challenging and costly at occasions, as screen printers require an advanced of expertise. Transfer printing requires less skill.

Screen-printing only enables single place colours to become applied whereas full colour printing allows you to possess a photo taking image placed to the barrels from the personalised pens, further giving you better corporate emblem or image. Difficult half tone images may also be achieved that is too costly and hard to become created through conventional screen-printing.

Full colour printing enables for terms and conditions works on the pen because of its single setup, which may be very costly when screen-printing multi coloured jobs. For instance, an inexpensive marketing pen requiring a four-colour print would incur an origination control of four screens with all of their connected costs. Because the full colour process would only contain one setup charge, it might be much more viable to visit lower this route.

The most recent transfer technology entirely colour printing now enables the pen to become any colour. Previously, a pen simply needed to be white-colored. This latest technology enables the scope of marketing pens to become extended due to the marketing choices that full colour printing provides on any colour marketing pens or corporate pens.

Another critical improvement fully-colour process may be the speed of printing. Screen printing happens to be the main option for great quantity runs but new developments entirely-colour printing has permitted for bigger amount of pens to become printed on marketing pens in the same throughput as screen-printing.

Full colour printing is probably the most eye-catching method to advertise your marketing item and business and is now able to achieved on quantities as little as 250 units. This method does apply to many other marketing products and business gifts for example marketing highlighters, marketing pencils and marketing pencil sharpeners. Consider our next article, titled, ‘Promotional Products and Business Gifts: Full Colour Printing.’

The Pen Warehouse is among Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of marketing pens and it is located in the East of England. The organization prints all marketing pens and pencils in-house and orders could be switched around, printed together with your corporate details in 24 hrs.

Your requirement for a company offering pen printing Singapore can be fulfilled by Trea. Whatever the print, color or quantity of pens, Trea handles it deftly. You can be assured of exquisite promotion with these customized and reasonably priced pens.

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