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Having a carat size in mind while picking an engagement ring

The traditional question of quality vs the quantity still will apply while you shop for your engagement ring at engagement ring Singapore. There are those who prefer whiter stones to larger stones, while for others, they want to have a diamond which is as clear as possible despite the count of the carat.

The couple to be needs to have an idea of their stone size. Though it is believed by many people that size is not important, it is the off point kick as the clarity and color can be tweaked to find something without pegging it on the budget.

If you feel that size is going to matter for you, then there is a need to keep an ideal carat size in your mind as you shop together, and there is also a need of being flexible on the other elements which should be able to suit your budget.

But at the same time, you need to have an open mind. Your partner might be thinking that they know what they need when talking about shape or size, but to try on the rings; they might just realize that they require something different

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