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How to Avoid Scams while Buying Gold Online?

Investing in gold has been profitable since centuries. Hence every investor tries to invest in the precious gold metal. Since past few decades it has become a trend to buy gold from online stores due to varied online shopping benefits. However, there are chances that you could be a victim of online scams if you are not careful.

Here are few helpful tips to stay safe from online gold buying scams:

  • Know the dealer: There are numerous online gold dealers and some of them may even be fake. Know the credentials of the seller before you buy gold from their site. The website should have custom helpline details and ready to refund if the customer isn’t satisfied with the product. Know whether they are selling authenticated gold coins or bars. Browse through their customer review section. They should be ready to answer the queries of their customers anytime.
  • Don’t buy from a dealer ready to sell gold coin at lesser rate compared to current market price. As there are chances that it is not of pure gold. Moreover, know genuine dealer selling gold will sell at low price.
  • The gold they sell should be certified to be pure. Otherwise don’t need to order from the site. You can know whether they are selling recognized hallmark gold by viewing their customer testimonials. You can call their customer helpline to know the quality of gold they sell and the guarantee they are ready to provide that the gold is genuine.
  • Social media is another way to know the credential of online marketer. If a customer is really impressed while buying gold from a particular online site, they may post their comments on social media sites. Same applies when they find the site to be a fake. Thus, visiting various social media sites will help you to know and buy from well acclaimed gold dealers selling online.
  • Fake online gold sellers may pressurize you to buy gold from them providing varied excuses. The reasons they state may be like in few days the gold rate is going to reach a higher level, thus buying now and selling at that rate will be beneficial.

If you are a novice in the world of selling and buying gold online, it is best to contact experienced buyer of gold from online sources. You can read blogs of gold investors and of popular sellers which will be beneficial to you when you buy gold online.

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