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How to buy a good dog collar?

If you are planning to buy a dog soon, or already have a dog, it is important that you buy a dog collar. A neck link is very important for your dog, and especially if you are going outside with your dog 3 times a day. You can, in fact, attach your leash to the collar so that you can safely walk your dog. Buying a dog collar is harder than thought and there are many things you need to take into account. Only by taking into account these points of interest, it is possible to buy a dog collar of high quality. What do you need to pay attention to? In this article, we will discuss this in detail, so you can learn more about it.

What size?

Comfort is of great importance with a collar, and you want of course that your dog has little pain. Many owners buy a too small collar and this can cause many health problems for the dog. A neck link that is too tight causes skin irritation at the dog and can even cause suffocation. In addition, a too large neck link is also not good for the health of the dog. For example, the dog can easily somewhere behind continue to hook, and the neck link can easily come off. This can ensure unsafe situations if you are planning to go outside with your dog. There must be at least two fingers of slack between the neck of your dog and the dog collar that you buy.


The material is also of great importance when buying a dog collar. Some collars are made of leather or nylon, but some dog collars are made of metal. It is important that you be careful with collars made of metal because they can cause a lot of pain to the dog. A leather collar should be well maintained and regularly rubbed with leather grease. Otherwise, the collar will scrape, but by means of the leather grease it will remain well supple. An alternative to these materials is of course nylon, and this is a cheap and solid solution.

Do you decide to order the dog collar on the Internet? Then it is important that you look carefully at all these points of interest. Look at the website of the provider and check the offer carefully. By carefully going through the product information, you can find out exactly what the collar is made of.

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