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How To Make Your Online Shop More Secure

In today time everything is moving to online and shopping is no exception to that. With each passing day, new online platforms are opening as an online website for shopping. Since positive growth also comes with a negative impact so do this.

There are many reported cases where customers, as well as the companies, are victimized by the cybercriminals. So if you plan to initiate your venture in the online shop then do make the site more secure.

Tips to have safely secured shopping site

  • Keep your software always updated
  • Say yes to SQL injections
  • Protect your site from XSS attacks
  • Beware from the error messages
  • Both browser and server side should be validated
  • Protect your passwords and keep changing it infrequent intervals
  • Be secured while letting the customers upload their files
  • Always go with HTTPS. It is always known to provide security over the internet
  • Have access to website security tools

How to increase the security of the shop

There are plenty of platforms present to do this job. They will make sure that your online shop gets secured. By opting the best platform for protecting your site will bring to you more growth and convenience.

In this way, WordPress has come up with a number of eCommerce plugins that are mostly liked by the companies to make the site more secure. Plugins are the software components that will add specific characteristics to your site like virus scanning, the ability to open up new folders etc. Some of the most prominent one among them are mentioned below:

  • WooCommerce
  • Jigoshop
  • MarketPress

Some necessary steps in order to protect your site

It is necessary to make sure about the security of your site. Here are a few things that when done will make the site more secure:

  • The SSL certificate: do SSL certification of your website. This certification will make sure that your data are safe. In order to get the certificate you first need to validate your company and once done your site is secured one. However, for the best results go through Extended Validation (EV), this the safest level though quite expensive.
  • Focus at the domain: try to create a unique domain. Cyber attackers always target the domain first. They just make minor changes in the domain so that they can confuse the buyers with your actual one.
  • Create a sign for your company: assign a unique logo or an interesting sign to your company. This will help to maintain uniqueness since a logo is hard to copy.
  • Make reputation: a customer always comes back to the site they have trust on. Try to make your site a responsible one. And once you get your site famous, the attackers will think hundred times before planning to attack.


By keeping safety in mind opt for online platforms that will help you out to secure your online shopping venture as ‘prevention is always better than cure’.

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