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Six Factors to Keep in mind when Buying a Torque Wrench

A torque wrench helps in accurately applying the force or torque for tightening or loosening a bolt or nut. It is one of the most important torque tools that mechanics and DIY enthusiasts who prefer to perform repair tasks and automotive maintenance should possess. There are different kinds of torque wrenches available. This makes choosing the right wrench a bit difficult. If you are planning to purchase a torque wrench, the factors below can help you purchase an ideal torque wrench for the job:

Size of the Wrench

To decide on the wrench size, consider the size of your project and your comfort level for holding a wrench. You don’t want to purchase a wrong-sized model or a tool that is not comfortable for you.

Wrench Accuracy

It is important to invest in a wrench that is as accurate as the tasks it will be used for. Keep in mind that wrenches come with varying degrees of accuracy. But, good wrenches have less than +/-5 percent accuracy in foot-pound settings.  In general, it is imperative to check the certificate of calibration to ensure the wrench’s level of accuracy.


The quality of the tool also depends on the kind of materials used in manufacturing it. A cheap wrench is often made out of plastic materials. Although this tool may work fine, you cannot expect it to last for a long time. That is why you must buy a metal wrench because it provides better stability and durability.


A good torque wrench provides a good grip because your hands might be covered in fluid or greased when you use the tool. You will find it hard to do the job when the wrench slips from your hand. Ensure you choose a model that will provide with a good grip even if your hands are wet.


Bi-directional ratcheting is ideal when tightening right-handed and left-handed threads. This feature is usually available in click type and electric wrenches. This feature is something you cannot expect from beam-type wrenches. Thus, keep this in mind when checking various kinds of wrenches.


Digital or LED torque wrenches can be alluring. But, while these models work just fine, you don’t want to spend money on them when you can buy a model at a lower price. Generally, it is best to purchase a durable metal wrench that provides better accuracy; however, comes with a lower price tag.

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