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Slime 101: Color Psychology of Slime For Beginners

Take a minute to think about your favorite clothes… Does it evoke any special feeling? Now think about the color combination on it. Do you feel different about the visual when you compare it to others? The chances are that what you feel is somewhat related to the color and the emotion it stimulates in you. This is called Color Psychology, and it has a lot to do with slime.

Colorology (or color psychology) deals with how colors affect people’s emotions and feelings. It refers to the many theories behind the emotion each color you see evokes in your mind and why it happens. However, this feeling varies in diverse cultures and countries. Did you know that different color of slime to buy or make says a lot about your personality? Well, this all boils down to the colorology of slime.

Keep reading to learn the basic psychology behind the different colors of slime and how playing with each may make you feel different when playing with others.

Slime Colors and how they make you feel!

P.S: Before we proceed, note that the following only considers the psychological impact of color in Western countries and cultures.

Red Slime

The color red is generally high in energy and quickly pulls attention and focus. It stimulates the feeling of passion, power, energy, and LOVE. It is a vibrant color that attracts the most attention. It is linked to excitement and strong emotions. You’ll just LOVE that feeling of opening a cup of red slime for the first time. Red slime evokes an energetic feeling when you play with it.

Pink Slime

In colorology, pink is a sign of hope. Pink stimulates all things ‘positive feeling and warmth.’ Pink slime will give you a warm and calm feeling. It is closely associated with feelings like comfort, calmness, romance, and kindness. Notably, the color is tagged ‘feminine,’ so ensure you don’t leave it out in your slime collection for girls.

Blue Slime

Serenity and calmness come to mind immediately when you see the color blue. It is a cool color that calls to mind -productivity, peace, and stability. Blue is preferred by boys and gives off a sense of maturity. Like pink, it is a warm color, and we are confident that adding blue slime to your collection is a perfect choice.

Yellow Slime

Yellow, the lightest hue of the spectrum, stimulates cheerfulness, hope, fun, and happiness. Thus cheery color will help keep you relaxed and refresh your mind when you need a break. However, don’t use it in excess because it can also stimulate anxiety when used too frequently.

Green Slime

Green signifies nature and originality. It promotes relaxation and calmness. Green slime will stimulate harmony and help improve the balance between the body and mind helping you become more attentive.

Purple Slime

Purple induces feelings of imagination, wisdom, bravery, and mystery. You can delve into a whole new world of creativity when squeezing and playing with purple slime.

Orange Slime

Orange yields enthusiasm, attention, and upliftment. No wonder orange slimes are never left out in a basic slime kit.

You’ve now seen how the different colors of slime may affect your emotions and mood. However, keep in mind that these may somewhat defer among people and their different personalities. Enjoy your slime time!

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