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Taking Care Of Fashion Jewellery

Even though you purchase costume jewellery that is top quality, an over-all guideline, is the fact that no costume jewellery is going to be as durable and reliable as fine jewellery. fashion jewellery does, however, permit you to stick to the newest trends without getting to invest the 100’s of dollars fine jewellery could cost you. It might be not reasonable to anticipate costume jewellery to last indefinitely even fine jewellery won’t look new forever.

However, with proper usage and care, you are able to prolong the existence of the jewellery. You have to make certain that the cleaner does not contain ammonia, vinegar, or other acids or alcohols. Browse the label and make certain you use a cleaner safe for whatever material your costume jewellery is made of (silver, gold, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, stainless, aluminum, pearls, opals, marble and then any gems.) Avoid using water and soap, since most soaps leaves a residue around the metal making the gemstones look dull. Windex can harm delicate gemstones and finishes. Vinegar can also be dangerous towards the gemstones. Make use of a very soft cloth to wash the top of gemstones and silver or gold, using a little bit of water. Don’t submerge your jewellery entirely.

I. Keep the jewellery from the following whenever possible: Water, lotion, perfume, or any other harsh chemicals.

II. Perspiration may also shorten the existence of the costume jewellery.

III. For Rhodium Plated Silver and Vermeil Jewellery – Don’t use soap/water or jewellery cleaner to wash your jewellery because the soap leaves a movie clouding your jewellery. This plating may prevent tarnishing but can typically be compromised when uncovered to harsh chemicals. Again, a gentle jewellery cloth should work!

IV. Most significantly, once you have cleaned your jewellery, you have to make certain your jewellery is totally dried before putting on it or storing it.


The way you store your costume jewellery is determined by the area you have available, your financial allowance, and whether you need to display them, put on them, or just safeguard them. Below are great tips for securely storing your jewellery:

I. Temperature change – Any extreme alternation in temperature can impact stone settings and glue.

II. Moisture – Moisture may be the worst enemy of costume jewellery. Not just will it destroy the foil backing of rhinestones it may also damage the metals used.

III. Space – Vintage jewellery must not be permitted to relax on the top of some other piece or perhaps be jostled together. This could dislodge or scratch gemstones.

IV. Oak – Oak cabinets or boxes can release fumes that damage costume jewellery.

V. Card board boxes – The cute little boxes that jewellery is offered in continues to be given sulpher, which tarnishes silver and gold.

Good storage choices:

Ziplock bags

Metal drawers

Plastic boxes

Soft cloth

Curio cabinets

Fashion Jewellery, silver jewellery and fake gold jewellery or vermeil jewellery can easily last for many years with good care. There are lots of vintage costume jewellery pieces which have been passed from one generation to another and lots of stunning pieces are available in historic museums around the globe!

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