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The different types of prom dresses

So you are all excited and pumped up for shopping of your prom dress? With so many options that are available out there in the market, you might just be so confused about which one will suit you the best. Well, you do not have to worry much, here are some type and styles of gowns and dresses that you could wear to prom. Let us take a brief look at these various prom dresses.

  • Ballroom gowns and A-line prom dresses: this type of gown consists of a very large skirt that will billow out from the waist right down to the mid-calf or the ankles. The A-line dress is famously known as the princess dress which usually flares out to the hemline and narrows down to the waist. It will form an ‘A’ shape that fits your body from top to bottom.
  • High-low, covered by lace and Chiffon prom dresses: the high-low dress has a vertical zigzag at the hemline, so it is short in some places and long at the others. The sheath prom dress is the one that will cling to your body and show off your figure well. The lace covered dress can be made of satin underneath, while the top of the dress is of lace. A Chiffon dress will look similar to that of a fancy night robe, it has a high empire waist as the dress is long and will flow from the hips to the ankles. This is a dress type that is suitable for almost any type of figure.
  • Halter, Golden Glamour and Modest prom dresses: the halter prom dress is similar to that of a halter top with respect to its sleeves and then it will flow towards the knees. It might look similar to a high-low dress at the hemline. The golden glamour dress is the one that has the golden and shiny appearance. The modest prom dress is the one that is simple, modest and yet very elegant. Basically, it covers everything and yet gives you a glamorous and elegant touch.
  • Babydoll and one-shoulder gowns: as speaking of the baby doll prom dress, it is a dress that is short and really cute. It is the one that fits well on the top and will flow down to the bottom and it also consists of a high waistline in between. This dress has a ribbon on the stomach area which can be tied behind, which gives it a baby look to the dress. These one shoulder prom dresses have only one shoulder strap while the other one is sleeveless.

Before you go shopping for your prom dress, make sure you know what type of dress you would want. Also get appropriate shoes and accessories to match up with your dress or gown. With so many options readily available, you can check the online stores for prom dresses which are being priced at an affordable rate too.

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