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Tips to Follow for Proper Care of Hats

Whether you are a collector or just enjoy using hats because of the many benefits, taking care of your cattle hats or whatever hat you have is a must. Hats are actually meant to last for a long time. Still, just like any accessory or apparel, if you do not take care of it properly, there is a big chance that it may not be able to last as expected.

To help you, here are a few things that can help you maximize the lifespan of your hats and maintain their best appearance:

Do not handle your cap from the crown

If you want to avoid deformities of a cap, avoid holding it on the crown. If you are planning to remove and hold it for a while, you can hold it on the brim or the bill, or if possible, place it on a flat surface in an upward position.

Hat collectors are very particular with the shape of the hat’s crown. If you are planning to sell it in the future, you won’t be able to sell it at a high price if the cap’s crown is already deformed.

Do not leave the hat in an exceptionally hot area

Too much heat may cause the hat’s fabric to shrink, making it unable to fit your head. If you want to maintain its size and shape, avoid leaving it in too hot an area.

Do not remove surface dust using a sharp bristle brush

If there is visible dirt on the hat, avoid using a sharp bristle brush to remove it. Sharp bristles can cause damage to the surface of the fabric. You can use a soft brush or clean cloth to remove any dirt on the hat.

If water, juice, or any liquid got spilled on the hat, wipe it immediately with a dry cloth. Do not let stain stick on the hat for a long time, as the longer it stays on the hat, the harder it is to be removed.

Wash according to what the hat manufacturer prescribes

You have to follow the cleaning procedure prescribed by the manufacturer. Hats are made differently. To ensure safety when cleaning, follow exactly what the manufacturer specifies.

Dry the hat first before storing it inside your cabinet

Do not store the hat yet unless it is completely dry. You may also want to look for a breathable storage space to avoid mold stains. Keeping a hat, especially if you are not planning to use it for a long time, should be done properly.

Use the correct cleaning detergent according to the fabric

You have to use a cleaning detergent appropriate to the material of your cap. As much as possible, use detergents that are mild and won’t give any harsh reaction to the hat’s fabric.

Using a suitable detergent is necessary if you want proper cleaning and, at the same time, safety on the appearance and quality of your hats.

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