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What is your guide in buying home audio equipment?

Streaming is more accessible than listening to music. You can get millions of tracks when you have a computer or smartphone. All you have to do is to open an app, press play, and choose a song. The details of a home audio setup are the best deal about hi-fi. Building digital, analog, or hybrid systems requires knowing the audio components and how they work together. Conversion from analog to digital needs technology. It does the job and handles both analog and digital formats in a home audio setup. You need to have a good understanding of the components you use and buy from Addicted to Audio.


It is one of the essential components in an audio system because they impact the sound you hear. They will take the electrical signal from your device and vibrate to produce a sound. Many internal components within a speaker will affect the end sound. It is like the crossovers that distribute the signal in different drivers.


You can use headphones that are tiny speakers that sit in your ears. The headphones’ left will do its job as the left-sided speaker in a stereotype, and it works the same as the other pair. The only difference is headphones go on your head, which makes a controlled sound. The quality of speakers will affect by the room you are in. there are other types of headphones that you can use as it varies on every kind of driver. It still gets a radio signal over the air rather than cables and uses it onboard and amplifies to turn the sound.


The amplifier takes the weak signal from a device and amplifies it so your speakers or headphones can work. Without an amplifier, you will not hear any loud music. With modern hi-fi amplifiers, it changes the traditional power amplifiers. It combines the components of a power amplifier, a phono preamp, and other wireless connectivity options. It will act as your central hub on a digital and analog hi-fi system.


A turntable or a record player is an analog device for vinyl. Other vital components that work in tandem will need for the turntable to work. The turntable’s stylus gets dropped on a spinning record. It will get the vibrations from the record’s grooves and convert them to an electrical signal. The signal will have to be sent to the phono preamplifier and amplifier, where the speakers or headphones can play it.


A receiver is like an amplifier with a built-in radio that allows you to play music on your hi-fi system without needing an analog source. Most receivers do the same function as a wireless signal hub these days. But other connectivity options allow you to stream the music from your computer or smartphone to your system.

Studio subwoofers

When you add subwoofers for studio monitoring, it will be optional for beginners. But by adding the response at low frequencies, subwoofers can make a result for your mixes. Using a subwoofer has to be important when you are planning to record bass-heavy music like hip-hop.

Since it is your first time investing in audio equipment, you must know how to use it. It will help you to decide which audio equipment you must have in your studio.


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