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10 Things Every Man Must Know About Buying An Engagement Ring!

Proposing your love and commitment has to be special, and what can be more unique and appealing than a diamond ring for the engagement. Diamonds are obviously known for the value, but these gemstones are also a symbol of commitment. In this post, we bring 10 tips that a man should know before buying the perfect engagement ring for his beloved.

  • It’s her ring. That’s an easy thing to remember. You are buying the ring for a girl, who has her personal style and preferences. If you love and know her enough, you would know the kind of design she would prefer.
  • Set your budget. Even some of the basic diamond rings can cost thousands of dollars, so having a budget is of utmost importance. Understand what you can spend and whether you can afford to shell a tad more for a better ring.

  • Understanding diamonds is important. Every diamond is special, and contrary to what many men may believe, it is not about the size alone. In the next five points, we will talk of the 5 Cs that matter.
  • The colour of a diamond is graded between D and Z. A diamond that’s graded D is almost colourless and obviously expensive and rare.
  • New Zealand’s Diamond Engagement Ring Specialists believe that cut is probably the most important C for buying a diamond. If the cut is right, even a N-colour diamond can look better.
  • Gemstones do have a few inclusions and blemishes, and in case of diamonds, the number of such inclusions determines its rating in terms of clarity. The clearer a diamond, higher the price.

  • Carat Weight. This is the weight or size of the diamond. Bigger diamonds don’t, however, need to be expensive if the colour isn’t as good or the diamond has many inclusions or blemishes in it.
  • You should never buy a diamond that doesn’t come with a certificate. Most known jewellers, including online sellers, will offer a certificate of authenticity that will mention everything, right from size to colour.
  • The metal of your engagement ring signifies love too. For diamonds, gold is an obvious choice, but many men are opting for platinum, as well, simply because it is rarer and signifies love.
  • The design and style of the engagement ring is a matter of choice, but yes, make sure to pick something that’s more reflective of her personal influence. If you are not sure of what she would like, solitaire rings are an obvious choice.

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