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Choosing the Best Type of Pillow

Key to Sleeping Well

Many people swear that the key to sleeping well is having the right mattress that is comfortable. This is true because having a good night sleep or rest heavily depends on the type of mattress one has and its comfort level. However, most individuals put so much focus on the mattress that they forget about the pillow. A pillow also plays a crucial role in sleeping well because the wrong pillow can be a pain in the neck. The wrong pillow can also lead to other serious medical conditions such as headaches arm numbness and neck pains. Finding the perfect pillow depends on which type of sleeper one is. However, regardless of the position, one sleeps the pillow should maintain its shape throughout and should not need fluffing more often.

Choosing the right pillow is crucial to good night sleep. Whether one is a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, one need’s to find the right pillow that suits their needs. Here at pillows in plano, one is offered with a variety of pillows to choose from. There are three main types of pillows that one can pick from at pillows in Plano, and they include:

Feather and Down pillows

These pillows usually are filled with feathers or down to make the pillow soft airy and comfortable. Most people prefer this type of pillow because they are extremely comfortable and they have a longer life span than synthetic pillows. Feather and down pillows are a bit more expensive, but they are convenient for cuddling and snuggling because they can be squished and folded. These pillows also retain their height and remain supportive for a while as compared to synthetic pillows. The feather pillows, however, can poke one when sleeping because of the feathers and they tend to make some noise when a person moves. Both feather and down pillows also require professional cleaning if one wants to maintain them for long.

Microfibre pillows

These are the cheapest options for pillows, and most individuals choose them because they are cost friendly. Microfibre pillows are also easy to maintain because they can be washed easily at home and they do not require any professional cleaning. These pillows also come in different heights, shapes, and sizes and one can choose which type of pillow best suites their sleeping position. Unfortunately, microfiber pillows are not as breathable and malleable as other pillows. They do not provide that airy feel when one places their neck, and their lifespan is extremely short. This means one needs to replace the pillows more often than is needed. However, if one is on a budget, this is the best type of pillow to go for.

Memory foam pillows

This type of pillow is relatively new in the market, and it provides strong support for the neck. This type of pillow is easy to take care of and can be washed at home. They are ideal for individuals with neck pain that are looking for relief for their neck. However, memory foam pillows are firm and dense which most people do not like. They can also be too hot to sleep in during summer.

Bottom line

There are plenty of other filling options for pillows that one can pick from. Some of these include latex pillows and wool and cotton pillows. When buying a pillow, one needs to be wary of the filling and their allergens to it. Some of the pillow fillings that can cause allergic reactions to include latex, feathers, and wool. It is advisable to go for pillow fillings that do not cause any allergic reactions and allow a night of comfortable sleep.

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