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Answering 4 Important Questions About Buying A Refrigerator!

You have finally decided to replace your old refrigerator. With literally endless number of models and a long list of brands, it is almost hard to select a new one. In this post, we are answering top four questions that homeowners often ask while shopping for refrigerators.

What size/capacity and style of refrigerator should I buy?

Whether you should get a refrigerateur pleine hauteur blanc or a side-by-side model really depends on your needs. If yours is a small home, we would highly recommend that you take measurements of the space available before taking a call. As for the style, it depends on your lifestyle. Modern refrigerators have multiple compartments and doors, often to store different things at different temperatures. For example, if you don’t have space for a wide model, go for a refrigerator that tall enough and has two/three doors. Capacity depends on the size and mode, but for standard home needs, you need at 200-liters or more at the least, unless you are thinking of a mini fridge.

Does Energy Star® Certification really matter?

Yes, absolutely. If an appliance has ENERGY STAR rating, it simply means that it meets the guidelines related to energy efficiency, which is specific to each category. For the buyer, this not just about taking a better step for the environment, but also about saving on energy bills. This is one of the precise reasons why all old refrigerators that were purchased before 1992 must be replaced right away.

Should I buy a refrigerator online?

There is no reason to shy away from online vendors. To be fair, online sellers have more options and often unbelievable discounts and deals. You can expect to get all the information at your fingertips, can compare more models and take a call accordingly. We strongly recommend that you check online first before buying from a retail store.

What are some of the new features in refrigerators?

Features and technologies for this segment are changing continuously. There are popular convertible models, for instance, which can convert the freezer space into fridge area as required. The use of touchscreens and digital panels is also very common, while you may find refrigerators that come with speed chilling and quick-ice options. Many models also have water and ice dispensers.

It is always wise to think of the budget and what you want to do with the new refrigerator, and compare accordingly.

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