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Forever Rose From Notta & Belle: Is This the Most Unusual Gift Ever?

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If you have been thinking of surprising your mother or wife with a special product, Notta & Belle may have something worth considering. The company that’s based in Europe have come up with the concept of a forever rose, which is placed in a glass dome. We tried looking for alternatives for this one but found that Notta & Belle is the only brand to have nurtured this unique concept. Here’s what we thought of the concept.

What’s a forever rose?

Notta & Belle calls this “Rose In A Glass Dome”. This is basically a real rose, which has been preserved using special technology and placed in a case covered with a glass dome. The rose is not in a vacuum, so you can actually remove the dome and feel the charm of a real rose. The product is unique in its own way, and the company admits that they were inspired by the tale of Beauty and The Beast. What makes this concept really special is the beauty of the rose and the fact that it can stay as it is for as long as five years.

About buying the product

The company offers the forever rose in 18 different colors, including shades like black and turquoise. Notta & Belle has collaborated with some of the best cultivators in Ecuador and Spain, and each of the roses is double checked before shipping. You also get three different sizes, and the mini one is an absolute delight. For those who want to customize the product, Notta & Belle offers the choice of indenting something within 20 characters on the case containing the rose, and you can also check their website to get unique gift boxes for an extra charge.

How to care for the rose?

Well, Notta & Belle claims that their roses don’t need any attention. Just make sure that the person owning the rose doesn’t water it or place the product under direct sunlight.

Final word

With some amazing colors and special boxes, this forever rose can be a smart gifting idea for almost any occasion. You can be assured that it will last for at least a few years, and the product is shipped with great care. As of now, Notta & Belle offers international shipping, and it takes around four days to get the item in the UK. You can also check their other items, which includes a rose bear made of 500 roses!

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