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How to Prepare Yourself Before Taking Test Drive of Any Used Mercedes Car

When you look for a used car then you may come across many such cars that is absolutely perfect like in a show-room. However, only when you drive the vehicle you know whether it is worth buying. There are plenty of dealers who get the car at very cheap price and may try to thrust upon you with their salesmanship.

Therefore, it is essential that you must take a test drive before you decide to buy a used Mercedes Benz car. After the test drive, you will know the actual condition of the car and that can help you to do better negotiation.

  • Take more time to look at the car physically

While buying a used car never be in haste. You must take your time to look at the car thoroughly to check for any visible mark for damage, dents or any other abuse. More the time you spend in looking at the car, more details you can find about it.

  • Try to open all the doors to look for any imperfection

Take your own time and walk around the car and try to open and close each and every door to see if there is anything wrong in the mechanism of the door, any crack mark, ripped moldings and any kind of imperfection. All these will tell you a lot how the car was driven by the previous owner.

  • Ask questions to previous owner

Be friendly and courteous when you talk to the owner of the car however don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the car, if you have any doubts. You are paying for it, so you have every right to ask the questions.

  • Check all the buttons

Before you start the engine of the car, check all the buttons of the dashboards are in order. Try to get familiarized with them. Adjust the seat and the mirror. Check stereo, condition of the interior etc.

  • Open the hood

Check the condition of the car after opening the hood and though you may not be an expert car mechanic but looking at the condition you too can know how the car was maintained.

  • Check the oil level

Remove the dipstick and check the level of oil. If the level is too low or dry then you can know how it was maintained.

  • Start the engine

Look for any abnormal sound while you start the engine.

  • Drive the car

Drive the car on the road and vary the speed and try to run at higher speed and apply brake occasionally. Try to drive in all kinds of roads including on slopes. Check how the transmission is working. How is the air conditioner etc.

If you are fully satisfied only then go for negotiation otherwise walk away from the deal.

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