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Tips to Help you Buy the Right Electric Keyboard

You have made your final decision and now you want to take a piano home. But buying a new piano can be both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you prefer to buy new or used pianos for sale, there are things you need to consider before making your final purchase. As with any purchases, you want to make get the most value of your money. To make sure you end up with the most suitable keyboard, consider the tips below:

Don’t Get Too Obsessed about the Newest Technologies

The newest models with impressive technologies can be attractive; however, they can be distractive. If you are new to keyboarding, you don’t want to start with a high-tech keyboard as it can be confusing and intimidating. In fact, it could already be obsolete when you reach your optional skill level. Focus on getting one of the high-quality keyboards with decent price tags. The majority of them come with big sound libraries and options.

Consider your Ability to Use Foot Pedals

The use of pedals is an essential skill a pianist should have and if you are looking to play a full-sized piano, it makes sense to start training your feet now. A lot of keyboards out there can connect to external pedals. Pedals can be bought individually in a standard three-pedal platform option. In case you have a flexible budget, look for a keyboard with built-in pedals.

Determine your Keyboard Sizes

A standard piano has 88 keys; however, you should also explore other sizes such as:

  • 61 keys. As a starter, you may not notice the omitted keys and this size is an excellent practice instrument for any skill levels. Although the keys are missing, they will not affect a song’s integrity.
  • 76 keys. As you get started, you don’t really need 88 keys. A model with 76 keys will save you money and take you well into the early intermediate stage.
  • 49 keys. This size is not ideal for daily use. You may notice the missing notes within the first year of playing. But, this size lets you learn what you have to know.

Choose a Model that is Sensitive to the Touch

A keyboard that has touch sensitivity lets your produce a louder note by pressing the key harder which mimics a piano. Usually, keyboards omit such feature so look for it when shopping online.

Choose a Keyboard with a Built-In Speaker

Although the majority of keyboards have speakers built into their bodies, you must be sure before you bring the instrument home. A number of technical models must be connected to external speakers to produce sound.

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