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Volusion Website Builder For Ecommerce: A Quick Overview!

If you thought Shopify is the only website builder dedicated to ecommerce, you are wrong! There are options, and one of the more popular ones is Volusion. Volusion has been in business for close to two decades now, and cost of building a website starts for as low as $15, which does make it a cheaper alternative. In this post, we are discussing more on Volusion and how it fares among the best website builder for ecommerce.

More on Volusion

Volusion, being dedicated to ecommerce, has ready themes and templates, which are also responsive for all screens. You have complete freedom of designing your online store, by creating product categories and enlisting as many products as required. Managing orders, tracking details and inventory are easy tasks with this site builder. As we mentioned earlier, Volusion scores huge as far as costing is concerned. Their most premium plan is priced at $135 per month, which is a lot less than what you would be paying for Shopify or BigCommerce. There are a whole bunch of tools at disposal, including SEO and marketing tools, so your website is ready to be promoted from the time of launch. They also provide an advanced shopping cart option.

Features worth noting

You can integrate your ecommerce website with Amazon and other platforms with Volusion, which is quite great. It is also possible to complete social media integration in no time, and you will have assistance for other things, such as coding for customized elements. Allowing discounts and offering plans on your store are allowed with Volusion. What’s more? You also get a free domain with the paid plans, and they have recently launched an app store, which is not bad but definitely not as extensive as Shopify.

On the flip side

Volusion doesn’t offer much more than PayPal and Stripe as far as payment options are concerned. You will have to pay extra for SSL Certificates, which can cost around $90 a year. Volusion doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth with any plan, and therefore, you will have to pay more as your store expands. There are also transaction charges.

Final word

Volusion may have a few glitches as far as payment and charges are concerned, but you can still consider it for the price. Compared to other ecommerce site builders, especially Shopify and BigCommerce, it has a long way to go, but the team is already working on many aspects it seems.

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